Spoon Carving class in North Carolina

I'm really excited about teaching a Breton spoon carving class at Elia Bizzarri's place in Hillsborough, NC in July.  We will be making the gorgeous one-pieces shapes based on spoons from the Pays de Vannetais and Pays de Cornouille in Brittany.

We decided to make the course over three days so people can really get the feel of these simple and elegant spoons that were made here in Brittany in the 1800's without having to rush.

We shall start in the forest and select a suitable tree, fell it and make spoon blanks using axe, saw and drawknife.  I will take people through the step-by-step process, with help to master the various axe techniques and knife grips along the way.

Once your spoons are carved, there will be a day to decorate your spoon. Traditionally these spoons were decorated using intricate chip-carving that was then filled with a hard wax inlay to give a brightly coloured pattern. This pattern often covered the top, bottom and both sides of the spoon handles.

 Of course, you can choose to use a simpler or more modern pattern for your spoon!

For those who are more experienced, there will be the chance to try your hand at making one of the astonishing and  intricate one-piece spoons that can still be seen in museums in Brittany. These spoons often had their neck split into multiple strands to look like ropes! You can read more about these multi-strand spoons on an earlier blog just here.

The week before I will be teaching this class, Pete and I will be taking a week with Curtis Buchanan to learn about making his beautiful democratic chairs.

We saw Curtis demonstrating how these gorgeous chairs are made at Greenwood Fest last year and we fell in love with them (and him!). So its going to be a very exciting trip!


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