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a well-travelled spoon

For various reasons this spoon has crossed the Atlantic and returned to France twice so far. It's just about to cross over again, to be a part of an event that I am passionate about. Starting on September 7th 2018, North House Folk School is hosting a special wooden spoon auction to help to fund The Wille Sundqvist and Bill Coperthwaite Slöjd Fellowship . Here's the link: Coperthwaite Sundqvist Slojd auction Bill Coperthwaite established a homestead in northern Maine to live a simple life based on handcraft. He was the author of 'A Handmade Life'. Wille Sudqvist, who died earlier this year was a celebrated spoon carver and bowl turner, author of 'Swedish Carving Techniques' and other works. Both men were passionate about the importance of handcraft in a society used to buying everything from a shop. I was immensely privileged to be awarded this Fellowhip in 2017, and to support their fundraising auction I am about to dispatch this spoon on its travels