Paroirs de sabotier - French clogmakers knives

These tools were part of a collection and are all in beautiful condition, with no rust at all. Some are almost unused. The man selling them wanted them to go to people who will use them.

They all need a good sharpening, and most need the handles replacing as many have woodworm and some are broken. They will normally be shipped with the handles removed (I can omit the handle completely if you want, and include photographs for reference for making replacements). All have ferrules.

I think the prices I am asking are fair. Yes you can get them cheaper on french internet sites, but I’ve never seen them in such good condition, and you’ll have difficulty getting them shipped!! This gives me a small profit for my time and hassle and covers my expenses (packaging and Paypal).


Shipping will be by French Parcel post, which is the least expensive option I can find. Shipping prices are for tracked parcels.
For UK buyers, I can post in the UK which is marginally cheaper, but sadly only to a business address. AND you will have to wait till I get to the UK in December.
UK to UK   €20,   France to France  €15,   France to UK  €25,  France to USA  €55


Let me know which you want and I will send you a Paypal invoice. I am anticipating something of a rush, so please pay promptly, otherwise I may sell the one you want to someone else! Be sure to let me have the email address you use for Paypal.

Sprung Bench ring:

I will include a diagram for a traditional sprung bench ring with each tool (see photos).  I am getting some of these made, but it will take a while. Any competent blacksmith will be able to make one of these.

 The Paroirs:

1 paroir, handle 31 cm, blade 56 cm, marked SOUEF A COUTRAS  (nice laminated blade, handle in reasonable condition)    85€    SOLD

2 paroir, handle 29 cm, blade 56 cm  marked LABOISE A TOUCY  (nice laminated blade, handle in reasonable condition)    85€     SOLD

3 Paroir, handle 31,5 cm, blade 65 cm,  marque unreadable (nice wide blade, handle broken and very wormy)    85€   SOLD

4 Paroir, handle 25 cm, blade 56 cm, marked ANDRIVOT  (this is the smallest/narrowest blade. Also shortest handle, which is cracked but useable)    75€   SOLD

5 Paroir, handle 29 cm, blade 57cm, marked H GUYOT LA SOUTERRAINE  (laminated blade, handle in reasonable nick)    85€   SOLD

6 Paroir, handle 31 cm, blade 60 cm, marque unreadable , 2 bunches of grapes, ferrule brass  (This is a biggie - Handle huge and wormy, but useable)     85€   SOLD

7 Paroir, handle 20 cm, blade 58 cm (the handle is wormy and broken. Quite a narrow blade)     85€    SOLD

8 Paroir, handle 45 cm, blade 56 cm  (This is the biggest one - its a monster! Laminated blade practically unused, beautifully shaped handle, no sign of worm)     95€   SOLD

9 blade only of a paroir no handle 50cm (blade) 69cm (overall) marked J BATY  BOURGES (a gorgeous laminated blade in lovely condition)     85€     SOLD

10  talonnière (this was used to cut the heels of clogs, rarer to find) handle 29.5 cm, blade 66 cm marked PAULARD A BASSOU ACIER FONDU (this is a VERY solid tool, long and heavy. Handle is wormy but serviceable)     95€  SOLD


  1. do you ever get more parior stock knifes. i am very interested in finding one but not much luck..

    1. Try using "paroir de sabotier" as a search term


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